5 June 2020
3rds 10 PVC Passthroughs 10 Overhead Squats 10 Good Mornings 10 Situps THEN 2x10 in n out swings 2x7 in n out swing + knee tuck (timing arms and legs together) 3x5 Toes to bar OR knee tuck + leg kick (timing and pulling the legs back down quickly) THEN 2rds Empty Bar 10 Deadlift 10 Push Jerks 2rds - building to your working weight 10 Deadlift 5 push jerks
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
12 Min AMRAP 21 Deadlift (135/95) 15 Toes to bar 9 Push Jerk (135/95)
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