10 Jul 2020
2 Rounds 10 reps Arm Cirlces Arm Swings Hips Forward and Back Hip Circles Inch worm walk outs with a pushup in the bottom THEN Pullup progression 3x3 Strict Pullups - Grab a band or toes on a box for a scale 3x5 Kip swings - in n out / show control to stop 3x1 - 2 swings + 1 kip (Squeeze your butt and press down with straight arms) 3x3 Kipping pullups - timing to finish the kip and then push away from the top ***If you don't have at least 1 strict pullup, work on the swings and the kip only - we want to develop shoulder strength before doing kipping pullups in workouts THEN Handstand Pushup progression: Coach Led 5 Reps Pike on the ground Shift weight onto the hands and lower head onto an abmat with elbows staying in (should be a tricep heavy exercise) 5 Reps Pike Pushup (scale to the knees if necessary) 5 Reps kick up against the wall (wall walk if necessary) 5 Reps laying on the ground kip practice 5 Reps Handstand pushup against the wall ** for any of the progression pieces you aren't there yet for, stay on the part that is challenging for you and work to refine your mechanics and these are all good scaling option also.
Metcon (Time)
21-15-9 Pullups Handstand Pushups
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